MongoHQ European Invasion

MongoHQ is preparing to span the globe and, like all domination plans, it begins with Europe.

We have for quite some time dedicated plans in Europe on a limited basis. MongoHQ has just launched replica set plans to the European West AWS datacenter, by adding an eu-west-1 (Ireland) option. If this is successful, we aim to offer this datacenter option to our other shared plans. (Of course, we’ll host custom deployments anywhere in the world you wish–so there’s never a need to wait if your data needs are big enough.)


If you have concerns about a US company hosting European data–we have recently become EU and Swiss Safeharbor certified self-complient with the US Department of Commerce. In short, it is a certified commitment to adhere to European laws of data privacy as outlined by European, Swiss, and United States treaties.

Safe Harbor

Finally, MongoHQ is going on a quick European tour (of sorts) in late April. The current plans are meeting the London MongoDB Group on April 17, Railsberry in Krakow Poland April 19–20, and leaving the EU on April 23. Come meet up in London or Poland (or maybe a third location? We have nothing planned on 21–22, and have been known to travel great distances for beer).

This post was written by Eric Redmond.